Video: Brewers Share Mixed Feelings About Revised ‘Craft Brewer’ Definition at CBC 2014

If you ask a group of beer industry professionals for their take on the Brewers Association (BA) definition of a “craft brewer,” take cover — it’s a polarizing topic.

Earlier this year, The BA — a not-for-profit trade group representing the interests of small and independent American craft brewers — voted to revise what it means to be a “craft brewer.”

In doing so, the organization softened its stance on adjunct ingredients like rice or corn to allow breweries using “traditional or innovative brewing ingredients” to fit its definition of craft.

Some brewers stand by the BA’s decision, and even applaud the group’s efforts to let consumers know about the larger, more resourced owners behind brands like Shock Top and Blue Moon. Other brewers would rather see the BA include language that speaks to quality, instead of spending so much time discussing ownership.

So, at last week’s Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, Brewbound asked a number of brewers for their thoughts on the revised craft brewer definition. The latest installment in our video series is published above for your viewing pleasure.