About Brewbound

Brewbound is dedicated to covering the rapidly evolving craft beer industry and delivers daily content via www.brewbound.comand the Brewbound email newsletter. The website's core readers are craft brewers with brands sold on- and off-premise, beer distributors, retailers, investors and industry suppliers.

The Brewbound.com website provides comprehensive, up-to-the-minute information about the craft beer space, analysis of industry trends, interviews with industry leaders, new product announcements and exclusive content from beer events around the country.

Brewbound also convenes industry leaders twice a year for the Brewbound Session. Providing brewers with a detailed look at the business of craft beer, our full-day conferences in 2016 will take place in New York, during the second quarter, and in California during the fourth quarter.

Published by BevNET.com, Inc., a leading business-to-business media company in the beverage space, Brewbound aims to be a leader in the craft beer space, providing information breweries and consumers can trust as factual content rather than rumors heard on blogs or forums.