3/22/2018 -- Craft Beer on the Half Shell


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Boomtown Brewery teams up with Broad Street Oyster Co. for tasting for the best in brews and shells.

Boomtown Brewery is opening up their flavor repertoire with a beer pairing experience right out of left field. So far left in fact, it’s the ocean. They are teaming up with Broad Street Oyster Co. to bring the best of brews and shells to their guests. Each oyster variety will be served in a set of three with a Boomtown beer. Following a welcome beer of the Brett Michael’s Sour Blonde, the courses will be as followed:

• Ico Oysters with Gros Chat Saison
• Wellfleets Oysters with Nose Job IPA
• Mookie Blue Oysters with After Hours Stout

Tickets are $37.50

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Event listing posted on March 5, 2018 7:33PM