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MillerCoors Names New Tenth and Blake CEO


Coors Distributing Company president Scott Whitley has been tapped as the new CEO of MillerCoors’ craft and import division, Tenth and Blake Beer Company, the company announced last week.

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Goose Island Shows Off Its Elk Mountain Edge

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Rubbing the guts of a Cascade hop off his nose, Andy Goeler is in awe of the 1,500 acres of hops under trellis that surround him, resting at the foot of northern Idaho’s Selkirk Mountain Range. He’s gushing poetic adjectives, verbally painting a picture that needs no help painting itself. After a career spanning three decades at Anheuser-Busch, Goeler is now two years into his tenure as CEO of Goose Island Beer.

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Uinta Sells Partial Ownership to Private Equity Firm


Salt Lake City, Ut.-based Uinta Brewing today announced it has sold a percentage of its business to The Riverside Company, a private equity firm with offices in New York City and Cleveland, Ohio. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Uinta founder Will Hamill told Brewbound that he would retain a “significant” piece of the Uinta business and continue to lead the company as CEO.

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SweetWater Names First of Ohio Wholesale Partners


SweetWater Brewing has tapped Superior Beverage Group for distribution coverage throughout the Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio markets, the brewery announced today. The news comes a month after Sweetwater, which is based in Atlanta, Ga.,detailed its initial plans to expand its reach in the Buckeye State. Youngstown, Akron, Canton and surrounding areas are also encompassed within Superior Beverage’s distribution territory, according to the statement.

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IRI: Craft Beer Sales Up 23 Percent Through August 10


Year-to-date craft dollar sales in IRI’s multi-outlet and convenience retail channel universe (MULC), which comprises grocery, drug, Wal-Mart, Club, Dollar, Mass-Merchandiser and Military stores, were up 22.9 percent to $1.3 billion through Aug. 10. Volume sales are also growing steadily, up 19.3 percent in MULC during the same period.

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Press Clips: Colorado Town Fears AB Takeover; The Latest in Growler Innovation


A small Colorado ski town may, in fact, not be up for “Whatever.” While some residents of Crested Butte support the idea of Anheuser-Busch taking over the town, temporarily transforming it into a moneymaking fantasyland dubbed “Whatever,” others worry such a corporate affair would damage its image.

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Beer Institute: One Brewery Job Supports 45 More in Other Industries

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A new study from the Beer Institute has found that for every one job created by a brewery, an additional 45 jobs are supported in other industries, ranging from agriculture to transportation. To conduct the analysis, the Beer Institute commissioned the economic research firm John Dunham & Associations to look at the state-by-state excise tax collections on beer and compared those figures with the number of employees in any given business.

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Everything’s Bigger in Texas: Austin Beerworks Releases 99-Pack


In an effort to help re-launch its sessionable year-round offering Peacemaker Extra Pale as “Peacemaker Anytime Ale,” the Texas-based craft brewery today rolled out an enormous, Texas-sized 99-pack of the 5 percent ABV golden ale. Packaged in cardboard, the multi-pack is seven feet long, weighs 82 lbs., and sells for $99 at Austin package stores.

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Eastern U.S. Craft Brewery Expansions Abound


As the craft category continues to grow at a double-digit clip, brewers across the country, in an effort to keep up with growing demand, are investing heavily in facility expansions. A crop of mid-size and regional craft breweries located in the eastern half of the U.S. recently announced multi-million dollar expansion efforts which will enable those companies to not only expand production capabilities, but in some cases distribution footprints as well.

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Distribution Roundup: New Holland Taps Central U.S.; Newport Hits Maine

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New Holland Brewing announced last week plans to launch distribution in four new markets in the central U.S., rounding its distribution footprint out to 24 states and Washington D.C., with 17 also carrying its line of spirits. Through a network of five wholesalers, the Holland, Mich.-based brewery will begin distributing its beers and spirits throughout Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa, with launch events scheduled to take place in August and September.

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Deschutes to Expand Distribution to Michigan


Deschutes Brewery is continuing its eastward expansion. The Bend, Ore.-based company today announced plans to broaden its distribution in three Michigan cities — Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Lansing — this October. Its foray into Michigan with wholesaler partner West Side Beer Distributing will be the last “major” market expansion the brewery takes on in 2014, per a company statement.

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Chainline Brewing Given Green Light in Washington

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A startup craft brewery in Kirkland, Wash. has been cleared for liftoff by the state’s liquor board. Chainline Brewing’s licensing application was approved by the Washington State Liquor Control Board on Tuesday, despite prior complaints filed with the city by Kirkland community members, who were concerned that the presence of a new brewery would pose a threat to public safety.

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