8/24/2019 -- Point 262


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The Original 1/1000 Marathon. Run Two Minutes, Party All Day. Costumes pretty much expected.

Fullsteam Brewery and Bull City Running announce the sixth annual Point 262, a one-one hundredth of a marathon designed for both competitive (timed) and recreational (fun) runners -- with costumes pretty much expected.
After the quick races, the party continues with The Feats of Strength, with competitors battling out who can stack cans the highest, chug cold water the fastest, hold a growler the longest, and flick bottlecaps the snappiest.
This year's Point 262 features music on two stages and the release of Point 262...The Beer, a twangy sport drink Gose (Fruit Punch edition featuring locally farmed ingredients). We are happy to announce that for the first time we’ll be pouring guest beers and ciders from our friends across the state, with a focus on low-ABV and crisp taste.

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Event listing posted on June 11, 2019 3:15PM