Redd’s Apple Ale Announces National Launch

ALBANY, Ga. – Redd’s Apple Ale is daring the nation to branch out by announcing its national launch.

Launched in summer 2012, Redd’s Apple Ale debuted in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. Buoyed by its early success, February 1st, 2013 marks the nationwide availability of Redd’s Apple Ale.

Redd’s Apple Ale is an apple flavored golden ale with low malty and bitterness cues.  With a crisp clean finish that allows the natural apple flavor to come through, this ale is for those times when you are looking to try something different.

“Redd’s Apple Ale is all about inspiring beer drinkers to dare to branch out,” said Andrew Zrike, brand manager of Redd’s Apple Ale.  “With its crisp, sweet and refreshing taste, we dare consumers to reach for a Redd’s as an alternative to their everyday beers. We are excited and proud to share Redd’s Apple Ale with beer drinkers across the country.”

Redd’s Apple Ale’s launch will be supported by a national marketing campaign which includes advertising during the Super Bowl on February 3rd in select markets in the Great Lakes and Southeast regions. In addition, Redd’s advertising will also be seen and heard on ESPN as the official sponsor of ESPN Radio’s Super Week on shows likeMike & MikeThe Herd and The Scott Van Pelt Show; as well as across ESPN’s TV assets, such as NFL CountdownNFL Live and NFL Super Bowl Kickoff.

Redd’s Apple Ale will be available in 6 and 12-pack bottles, 12-pack cans and 16 ounce single serve cans.   Redd’s is 5 percent alcohol by volume and only 165 calories per 12 ounce serving.

  • Cindy Linstad Schmidt

    This stuff is good!

  • Smartypants

    So good! I normally do not drink any version of beer.

  • angrykittychan

    I live in Delaware and we can’t get it yet. Maybe by summer. :(

  • Kent Weber

    Shouldn’t this “press release” include the fact that this is a Miller Coors product… for those that don’t know.

    • grrrrr

      Who cares? People need to start judging a product for it’s liquid for once and not by who makes it.
      Ps… I don’t work for or support any macrobrewers., just get annoyed by those who prejudge and label everything as bad.

  • Moderation

    Never a fan of beer. This is the BEST I’ve ever tasted! Keep doing WHATEVER you’re doing, it’s being done just right!

  • Megan

    This stuff is awesome. My boyfriend and I like to try lots of different beers and we are hooked!