Twisted Manzanita to Launch in New Jersey

East County San Diego — Twisted Manzanita Ales, formerly Manzanita Brewing Company, is branching out of their California home base.

“Already 2014 has been a big year for Manzanita, after intense overhaul of logos and the addition of Twisted to the company name” stated Jeff Trevaskis, President and Founder of Manzanita. “Now it is time to introduce the rest of the United States to our malt forward and expertly balanced beer. As someone who is from the East Coast I am overjoyed at the prospect of sending our beer to New Jersey!”

This year Twisted Manzanita Ales will enter several new markets. The first state will be New Jersey, with beer hitting shelves during mid summer. Twisted Manzanita selected Banko Distributing Network to cover the New Jersey area. Within the Banko Network, Warren North, Hub City and Warren South will respectively cover the counties within New Jersey. However, New Jersey will only be first in a line of states that extends throughout the East Coast.

When asked about the expansion, Nathan Lang, Head of Sales stated, “Twisted Manzanita has been working toward this national launch for over a year, the pieces are falling into place and we are looking forward to our expansion into new markets.”

These new markets will also be the first to receive the new labeling concept that has been kept under wraps for the last year. These image-focused labels are a huge departure from the previous Manzanita labels. Check out more details about on new labels over the next few weeks. Connect with Twisted Manzanita on Facebook and Instagram for shots of the new labels.