WeCan Brewing Systems Announces Next Generation of Automatic Tri-Keg Washers


Bend, Ore. — Building on its leadership in engineered craft-brewing sys- tems, WeCan Brewing Systems, LLC introduces its newest breakthrough technology in the Semi- Automatic Tri-Keg Washer System. Improved automation technology, powerful new components and rugged, ergonomic fill nozzles highlight some of the enhanced features of the new Tri-Keg Washer System. The system is suitable for most craft brewers keg washing needs at a reasonable cost.

In contrast to current manual keg washers, that deliver more work than the body needs, the Tri- Keg Washer provide a measured amount of cleaning solution to wash the kegs to a sanitary plus. It also provides a dramatic increase in labor time saving. This means fewer headaches, less fa- tigue and cleaner kegs.

The Semi-Automatic Tri-Keg Washer System, with the patented digital electronic control system, enables the keg washing operator to cycle kegs with safety and comfort. Different from the “standard” wash systems, the Semi-Automatic Tri-Keg Washer System wastes no solutions dur- ing the wash cycle. The average user will enjoy a conservative increase of 4-6 times compared to the manual systems. The system operates on 208 – 220 volts, three phase at 15 amps.

Easy to use, the Tri-Keg reduces keg washing work to nil. There are no indicators to watch or valves to manually adjust. The new, rugged, easy-to-use switch cycles the Tri-Keg Washer through the various modes that automatically deliver the required cleaning solutions for various keg sizes.

No matter what type of kegs that require impeccable cleaning, the WeCan Semi-Automatic Tri- Keg Washer System has the technology to make your keg cleaning a complete success.

The WeCan Semi-Automatic Tri-Keg Washer System can be ordered, with quick delivery, from WeCan Brewing Systems, LLC. To order, contact WeCan Brewing Systems, LLC at 940-368-7971 or E-mail: kw@wecan.beer. Information and links on the comprehensive line of craft-brewing equipment and systems can be found at www.WeCan.Beer.