Sixpoint Brewery Releases Resin

Sixpoint Resin

The latest release from Sixpoint is Resin, a 9.1 percent double IPA packaged in a 12 oz. slim can.

Resin marks the seventh canned offering from the brewery and company president Shane Welch said customers can expect to see at least one more new style in cans in 2012.

Sixpoint, previously only available on draught, debuted its first four beers in cans last May and the introduction of the new package helped create tremendous growth in 2011. Sixpoint produced roughly 25,000 barrels of beer last year, up from around 12,000 in 2010.

Below is the official press release with more details on Resin.

BROOKLYN, NY – Hop-heads can rejoice in a new beer from Brooklyn-based Sixpoint Brewery called “Resin.” This beer, which celebrates the bittering resin secreted from the lupulin glands of the hop cone, is a strong ale with an abundance of American hop flavor.

Resin could loosely be described as a “double IPA,” but rarely do any of Sixpoint’s beers neatly fit within a particular style guideline. Resin will be the first craft beer available in a 12-ounce “sleek” can and will be sold year-round. Especially eager fans can purchase Resin cans beginning this Friday at special sampling events at the Whole Foods Market Bowery and Columbus Circle locations.

Often enjoyed on draft and served in smaller glasses, double IPA beers are naturally strong and strikingly hoppy. They are brewed with roughly twice the amount of hops in the average IPA, and have a considerably higher alcohol content. The hops’ essence is produced within hop cones at peak maturity, when their cores swell up with a sticky golden secretion — or resin. This bounty of natural fresh flavor is the simple inspiration for Resin. To conjure the green petals of the cones, Resin cans are designed with a lush green background and golden-bronze accents to symbolize the precious resin inside each cone.

For such a distinct beer, Sixpoint Brewery has chosen to offer them in unique 12-ounce can four-packs as well as on draft. The cans are identical in height to the rest of the year-round canned offerings from the brewery (Sweet Action, Bengali Tiger, Righteous Ale and The Crisp) as well as seasonal releases (Diesel and Autumnation thus far). However, their “sleek” shape contributes to smaller four-can packages. Resin will be sold at the same retail price as its other canned offerings, delivering value for fans of specialty craft beers.

“Sixpoint Resin was one of the most exciting projects we’ve undertaken recently, and I’m thrilled to share it with our customers,” remarked Shane Welch, the company’s Founder and President. “People are quickly waking up to the wonders of IPA and the pleasant taste sensation of bitterness. We wanted to deliver a story about the organic chemical responsible for these flavor sensations everyone is enjoying. This was a very extensive project where we anatomically analyzed the various features of the hop cone, and explored the botanical feature that makes it all happen — sticky resin oozing from the interior!”

Sixpoint Braumeister Jan Matysiak, who joined the brewery as of late last year, was instrumental in the recipe and brewing procedures for Resin.

“Brewing a ‘big beer’ is always a lot of fun, and an opportunity to push one’s own creativity to the next level,” said Jan. “I am very happy with the outcome of Resin and look forward to sharing this extraordinary beer with Sixpoint fans and all beer connoisseurs.”

Resin has an ABV of 9.1% and an IBU rating (International Bittering Units) of 103 — a landmark for canned craft beer. It will be sold in stores and bars at select locations where Sixpoint is distributed (see wholesaler list below).

About Sixpoint Brewery:

Sixpoint Brewery was born out of an 800 square foot garage in Brooklyn, New York City in 2004 by homebrewer Shane Welch, who had amassed over 1000 individual homebrew recipes. The brewery’s name is derived from the ancient six-pointed brewers’ star, which had symbolically adorned the walls and equipment of ancient breweries since at least the Medieval period. Sixpoint’s motto is “Beer is Culture” to highlight the human trajectory — the earliest human civilizations were founded upon the cultivation of cereal grains for making beer. Sixpoint aims to perpetually inspire the art, creativity, and community generated through beer by acknowledging the history of the craft, while forging ahead to inspire culture in a modern setting.

Sixpoint Wholesalers:

  • NYC — Long Island — Westchester — Union Beer Distributors — (718) 497-2407
  • Upstate NY — TJ Sheehan Distributors — (315) 451-7250
  • Hudson Valley — Tri-Valley Beverage — (315) 853-3955
  • New Jersey — Hunterdon Brewing Company — (908) 454-7445
  • Massachusetts — Craft Brewers Guild — (978) 777-5525
  • Philadelphia — 5 counties — Origlio Beverage — (215) 698-9500
  • Rhode Island — Craft Beer Guild of Rhode Island — (401) 305-3838
  • New Hampshire — Craft Beer Guild of New Hampshire — (603) 319-8508
  • Pittsburgh & Western PA — Vecenie’s Distributing Co. — (412) 821-4618
  • Lancaster, York, & South Central PA — Ace Beer Distributor — (717) 755-0774
  • Harrisburg & Vicinity, PA — Westy Beer Distributor — (717) 737-2621
  • Allentown & Eastern PA — Shangy’s Beer Distributor — (610) 967-6793
  • St Marys & Vicinity, PA — St Marys Beverage — (814) 781-1968
  • Maryland & Washington DC — Legends Ltd — (410) 918-2537
  • Virginia — Specialty Beverage of Virginia — (804) 749-8016
  • Vermont — Craft Beer Guild of Vermont — (802)-861-3014
  • Indiana — Cavalier Distributors — (317) 358-1970
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