PA Brewers Collaborate On Veteran Beer Release

PENNSYLVANIA – Breweries in Pennsylvania is proud to announce the return of an all Pennsylvania Veterans beer collaboration. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a long-standing history of its residents serving this great nation through military service. The Pennsylvania National Guard dates its history back to the mid 1700’s when Benjamin Franklin organized the first Pennsylvania Militia. During the years of the Revolutionary War, Pennsylvania’s Regiments were some of the largest populated units in the Continental Army.

Since the Colonial era, Pennsylvania citizens have stepped up to answer the call for their Country’s wars both at home and abroad. They have served in the PA Guard, Reserve units and on Active Duty. Today, there are over 350,000 Veterans of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard living in the Commonwealth and continuing to serve or preparing for retirement.

Another area Pennsylvania is a leader in? Craft beer! As one of the top beer producers in the country, the state has become a powerhouse in the national landscape of craft beer. With breweries ranging from small brewpubs to expanding franchises to larger production breweries. (See the full list of PA breweries here).

Nestled within that list are a group of Veteran Owned or operated breweries using their skills honed in this Nation’s branches of service to create some truly awesome brews.

Memorial Day weekend 2021, 20 of those Pennsylvania veteran-owned/ operated breweries are coming together for the second-ever state-wide collaboration beer in support of Pennsylvania military veterans by Pennsylvania military veterans!

Not only is this a beer being produced by veterans, but it will also include ingredients from Pennsylvania veteran-owned businesses as well. Grain and malt for this beer will come from Deer Creek Malthouse in Glen Mills. While some of the hops being used for the beer have been produced by GEMS Farms Hops in Carlisle; both of which are veteran-owned businesses. To support the large volume of beer needed for this project the beer was brewed at GearHouse Brewing in Chambersburg and 2nd Story Brewing in Philadelphia.

Proceeds from this beer will go to the Pennsylvania Veterans Foundation. The PVF organization exists to provide aid and support for Pennsylvania veterans and their families. Over the last 8 years, they have raised over 2 million dollars towards their cause.

“Adapt And Overcome” will be a light drinking Hazy IPA with a statewide release scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend 2021 at all of the participating breweries.

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