Craft Beer Attorney Releases Legal Guide to Starting a Craft Brewery in California


San Diego, Calif. — Candace L. Moon and The Craft Beer Attorney recently released Brew Law 101: A Legal Guide to Opening a Brewery – California Edition, a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know to tap into the beautifully boozy craft beer industry in California. From entity formation to intellectual property to employment practices, the guide explores all the intricacies that are involved in opening a brewery, whether you are looking to launch a large or small-scale operation. Featuring stories “from the trenches” of industry staples such as AleSmith’s Peter Zien, Lost Abbey’s Tomme Arthur and Heretic’s Jamil Zainasheff, Brew Law 101 offers a real-world look at what it really takes to start a craft brewery.

The recent growth of the craft beer industry has prompted many home brewers to begin thinking about starting their own craft brewery. Although the industry offers high rewards for those who succeed, brewers often underestimate the capital and complex legal decisions required to actually start a brewery.

“There are a number of elements that must be considered when designing a brewery,” writes Moon. “Frequently, home brewers turned craft brewers underestimate the resources and specifications required for the art of making beer at a commercial level.”
Inside the California Edition of Brew Law 101, you will find deft explanations of both the federal and California-specific laws governing the manufacture of beer. The Craft Beer Attorney legal team brings together years of craft beer-focused expertise to guide an aspiring brewery through every step of the legal process, from raising capital and choosing a location to licensing and labeling.

About Candace Moon:

Moon crafted the idea of starting a law firm focused on helping craft brewers while working her way through law school at Hamilton’s Tavern in San Diego, CA. She started The Craft Beer Attorney as a solo practitioner in 2009, and her team now works with hundreds of craft breweries across the country. She has dedicated her career to helping startups and small breweries navigate craft beer’s tricky legal landscape, and the first edition of Brew Law 101 now offers yet another resource for aspiring craft brewers.