Boulevard Brewing Co. Launches Unfiltered Wheat Mixed Pack

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — For decades Boulevard fans have enjoyed the iconic flavor of Unfiltered Wheat Bear, the most approachable craft beer known to humankind. The passion and expertise of our brewers are on full display when you crack one open and smell the subtle aromas of lemon and bready malt.

To be honest, we never actually intended for our Unfiltered Wheat Beer to be served with a slice of citrus, but we know it’s a thing people like to do—at bars and at home. And who are we to tell you how to enjoy your beer? So, we decided to lean into the idea in a unique way and develop two fun new twists on our original, best-selling Unfiltered Wheat Beer: Unfiltered Grapefruit Wheat and Unfiltered Kiwi Wheat.

Over the past few months, our brewers have taken everything they know about brewing Unfiltered Wheat Beer, and tweaked the recipes ever so slightly to add the perfect levels of fresh fruit flavor and aroma. The result is two exciting, perfectly balanced beers that showcase both the beer and the fruits. You can try both new variants, plus stock your fridge with the original, when you pick up the Unfiltered Wheat Mixed Pack, arriving in stores soon.

The Unfiltered Grapefruit Wheat takes the lemon note of the original and adds a layer of refreshing grapefruit, bringing the whole citrus grove to your taste buds. Bright and refreshing with a subtle tartness, this variant is a citrus lover’s dream. Perfect for poolside adventures, late night fire pits and breakfast.

Channeling tropical beach vibes, the Unfiltered Kiwi Wheat bursts with the fruity sweet flavor of kiwi. This tangy and flavorful take on the original explodes with juicy flavor and aroma. Pour in a glass, add a cocktail umbrella and enjoy!

These exciting new takes on our classic craft beer are releasing just in time for summer and can be found in the Greater Kansas City area starting May 4th, and surrounding areas to follow.

All three Unfiltered Wheat variants:

4.4% ABV

14 IBUs

Unfiltered Wheat

Aroma: Light fruitiness

Malt: Slight, bready flavor

Body: Light, refreshing

Unfiltered Grapefruit Wheat

Aroma: Light Fruitiness

Malt: Slight bready flavor

Body: Light, refreshing

Unfiltered Kiwi Wheat

Aroma: Kiwi, tropical fruit

Malt: very slight malt, bready

Body: Light, refreshing

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