Paso Robles, Calif.– Firestone Walker Brewing Co. will soon be offering several rare beers called the Proprietor’s Reserve Series outside of their West Coast home. The Series will be distributed, when available, in 22oz bottles as well as a very limited release of kegs.

The Proprietor’s Reserve Series includes Double Jack, a double IPA based off of Firestone’s award winning Union Jack IPA; Walker’s Reserve, a bottle-conditioned robust porter; Parabola, a barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout; and Abacus, a barrel-aged barleywine, as well as their anniversary blend.

"Every brewer relishes testing the outer limits of their creativity and equipment,” said Matt Brynildson, Brew Master at Firestone Walker Brewing Co. “We have been honing these beers for a while, but I wasn't sure that we would ever produce them at any appreciable level. The brew team is fired up!”

This year’s anniversary beer, "14", will be released in November kicking off the Reserve Series.  Double Jack and Walker’s Reserve will be released in January and be available year-round, while Parabola and Abacus are one-time limited releases for later in 2011.

Firestone Walker Brewing Co. will also be sending its Proprietor’s Reserve Series east, said John Bryan, (aka Guardian of the good stuff) "Export" Director at Firestone Walker Brewing Co.

“The Reserve Series will be in States where we currently distribute (which includes New York, New Jersey and Virginia) and we are perusing other markets along the East Coast as beer becomes available,” he said.

The Proprietor’s Reserve Series will also be made available in Colorado, the first time any Firestone Walker beers have been distributed there.

“Firestone Walker Brewing Co. is a regional player on the West Coast, but we think that these unique beers have a strong appeal and a constitution that will support the travel away from our local markets.  The volume will not be large, it just helps save some of our loyal customers an East Coast flight to Cali.,” co-owner David Walker said.