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Power Hour: Craft Beer Growth Opportunity Lies with Female Consumers

Power Hour: Craft Beer Growth Opportunity Lies with Female Consumers

Craft beer is making progress in reaching female consumers, but there’s more work to be done, according to Mike Kallenberger, president of Tropos Brand Consulting. Kallenberger presented on a variety of demographics as part of a talk given during yesterday’s Power Hour webinar, hosted by the Brewers Association. Kallenberger, who worked for several years at… Read more »

Andy Goeler Tapped to Lead Bud Light Marketing

Andy Goeler Tapped to Lead Bud Light Marketing

Anheuser-Busch InBev today announced that Andy Goeler, the current vice president of marketing for the company’s craft and import focused “High End” division, would take over as the new vice president of Bud Light, the largest beer brand in the U.S. He replaces current Bud Light VP Alex Lambrecht. In an interview with Brewbound, Marcel Marcondes, A-B InBev’s VP of marketing in the U.S., said Lambrecht would help oversee Goeler’s transition into the role of Bud Light VP and remain with the company in a yet-to-be-named position.

Torn Label Brewing Company Releasing Magic Magic IPA in Cans

Torn Label Brewing Company is excited to announce the return of one our most popular beers to date, Magic Magic. An East Coast style IPA brewed with raspberry and lemon peel, Magic Magic’s taproom release was one of the busiest nights we had ever experienced, and bottles in distribution sold out just as swiftly.

No-Li Brewhouse Releases March Forth Citrus IPA

March Forth Citrus IPA is a 22 oz. bottle seasonal release. March Forth is packed with orange peel and a zesty citrus finish, 7.2% Alc. & 36 IBU’s. We celebrate and hoist a pint with each of our communities.

Worthy Brewing to Introduce Stoker Red Ale in April

Worthy Brewing is adding a fifth can to their line-up this spring. Introducing Stoker Red Ale, a hoppy beer designed to stoke your passions and keep them lit. Stoker Red will be available in 12-ounce cans this April.

Epic Brewing and Telluride Brewing Company Collaborate on New England-Style IPA

Collaboration requires creativity, passion, friendship, patience and an open mind. When all of these elements come together you have the conditions for a perfect storm or in our case, a blizzard. We’ve teamed up with our good friends at Telluride to bring you “Blizzard Conditions”: a New England-Style IPA featuring Cashmere hops and enough haze to create a delicious little snow globe-in-glass.

Ska Brewing Hires New Head Brewer

Ska Brewing today announces that industry veteran Kurt Randall will take on the title and role of Head Brewer. Randall’s new position will include oversight of brewing and cellaring operations, product innovation and the hiring and training of new personnel.

Glunz Imports Introduces Stiegl “Zitrone” Lemon Radler to US Market

A refreshing beverage offering from Austrian brewer Stiegl has made its way to the United States—via Chicago! On May 1, 2017, Glunz Imports, a division of Louis Glunz Beer, Inc., Chicagoland’s oldest family-run beer distributor and importer of select international brews, introduces the Stiegl “Zitrone” Lemon Radler to the U.S. market. Mixing Stiegl’s signature Goldbrau lager with real lemon juice gives this beer a distinct tart flavor, citrusy aroma, revitalizing sparkle, and natural cloudiness.

Three Creeks Brewing Announces ‘Throwback Series’

Three Creeks Brewing Co. is pleased to announce the release of Amber Ale, the first in our new Throwback Series designed to celebrate beer styles that fueled the “microbrew” revolution. Developed as a sort of “liquid time machine”, the Throwback Series harkens back to the early days of craft beer by presenting iconic American beer styles in a historical context. This series begins with Amber Ale, followed by American Hefeweizen, American Pale Ale and finally Old Special Premium Amber Lager.

Sly Fox Brewing Company and Barcade Collaborate on Chestnut Beer

On Thursday, April 6, at 4 p.m. Sly Fox Brewing Company will debut Chest Bockwell, a German-style lager brewed with real chestnuts, at Barcade (1114 Frankford Avenue) in Philadelphia’s popular Fishtown neighborhood. Chest Bockwell, affectionately named after John C. Reilly’s fictional crime-fighting character in the movie Boogie Nights, is a traditional Dunkel Bock, with chestnut flour added to the mash, drawing on rich Vienna, Munich, caramel and roasted malts from Bavaria for a toasted flavor profile.