Wormtown Brewery Announces Retirement of Financial Controller

WORCESTER, Mass. — Wormtown Brewery, LLC announces the upcoming retirement of financial controller extraordinaire Paul Paris. We are happy for Paul, finally hanging up his adding machine and green visor, but we will miss his capable accounting and financial skills.

“Paul is a guy that has a passion for beer,” said Wormtown founder and brew master, Ben Roesch. “He started just like most people in the beer business – cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, filling kegs, driving a successively interesting array of delivery vehicles, bottling, delivering kegs…really anything we asked him to do.”

Paul did a tremendous amount of work – mostly behind the scenes – making sure that the numbers were always in order, and the financial reports were completed, analyzed, and distributed on time, every time.

“While I’m thrilled for Paul and his wife Anne, I will certainly miss Paul,” said David Fields, Wormtown’s majority owner. “It didn’t matter if we asked him to sit on the side of the Mass Pike with a broken down truck at 10pm or spend 25 hours filling 150 cases of beer or eventually figuring out how to make the numbers magically work. Paul has been a Wormtown original. And he is always welcome back.”

“Now is Paul’s time to enjoy the fruits of his labor and I will be sad to see him go,” said Roesch. “Thank you Paul for every single day you chose to come to work for Wormtown. We wouldn’t be where we are today without you.”

Bill Belichick famously said “no days off” during a recent Patriots Super Bowl parade. The same could be said about Paul Paris and his approach to the work: the numbers never take a day off. So, today, we raise a glass to you Paul and thank you for your hard work, dedication, love of the numbers and love of the brewery. You are, and always will be, a member of the Wormtown Brewery family.