Woodland Empire Ale Craft and Nappy Roots Collaborate on Bootlager

BOISE, Idaho – Woodland Empire Ale Craft is collaborating with two-time Grammy-nominated hip-hop group, Nappy Roots to produce a new brew. Bootlager is a classic American Pilsner like the Old School. Crafted with six-row barley, flaked maize and traditional German hops and weighing in at 5.6 percent ABV, this delicious lager is best enjoyed while spinning your favorite vinyl with friends.  This clean, clear, crisp collaboration with Nappy Roots is easy drinking with a light corn sweetness and smooth malt finish. Bootlager will be brewed Tuesday, Feb. 12 with Nappy Roots’ member, FishScales and released during Treefort Music Festival, March 20-24, 2019.

About Woodland Empire Ale Craft

Husband and wife team Rob and Keely Landerman are focused on quality and creativity, handcrafting incredible Idaho-centric, musically influenced beer one batch at a time. Woodland Empire sells statewide Idaho, Oregon, Alaska and through several states using the Tavour App.

About Nappy Roots

No stranger to challenges, this four-man collective from Kentucky tackled their obstacles and in the process, their self-honest work emerged in the form of 7 studio albums and 14 mix-tapes. Since Nappy Roots has entered the music scene in 1998, they have remained real, humble, talented guys with inherent, undeniable southern swagger. Between touring and recording, FishScales, Skinny Deville, B. Stille and Ron Clutch have focused on consistently putting out quality hip-hop and now brewing beer. In 2018 Nappy celebrated opening their own Nano-Brewery called Atlantucky Brewing Company and is already taking the craft beer world by storm, garnering rave reviews on previous collaborations.