TapRm offers Young Dirty Bastard’s Young Dirty Brew Online to New York Residents

BROOKLYN, N.Y. — For the first time, a celebrity-backed beer has launched online. The beer — Young Dirty Brew Honey Ale, a sweet, earthy brew created by TapRm, Circa Brewing Co., and hip-hop artist Young Dirty Bastard — is available online exclusively from TapRm, the company announced today.

TapRm will distribute Young Dirty Brew to bars, restaurants and grocery stores in New York City, and residents of New York State may buy it online — only from TapRm — enabling fans of Young Dirty Bastard and his late father, legendary hip-hop artist and Wu-Tang Clan founding member Ol’ Dirty Bastard, to connect to them in a whole new way.

“It took six months to perfect the taste of Young Dirty Brew so we could honor my late pops, who used to sip on Olde English,” said Young Dirty Bastard. “My business partner, Divine Everlasting, and I experimented with raw organic honey to get the ale just right. As the first celebrity to launch a beer online, I am the future! Pops would be so proud.”

“We’re proud to have connected Young Dirty Bastard to Circa Brewing Co., to have contributed to the design of the Young Dirty Brew brand, and to sell Young Dirty Brew both off- and online,” said TapRm CEO Jason Sherman. “We see a lot of room for growth in celebrity-backed beer and ale, and are thrilled to pioneer the first such online launch.”

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