Silver City Launches 20th Anniversary Series with DeLuxe Malt Liquor

Silver City Brewery Malt Liquor

Bremerton, WA – 2016 marks the Twentieth Anniversary of Silver City Brewery. To commemorate the occasion, we present our 20th Anniversary Series of beer releases. Some are vintage throwback recipes, fan favorites that have been revived for the occasion. Others are recipes of the future, yet still inspired by our past. Deluxe Malt Liquor is the second of these Twentieth Anniversary releases.

Originally brewed by Silver City Brewery in 2008, Deluxe Malt Liquor is a tribute to the first-ever production brewery in Kitsap County, Silver Springs Brewing Co.

Founded in the 1930s in Port Orchard, Silver Springs’ flagship brew was titled “DeLuxe Beer” and was marketed for its “mellow, well-aged flavor”. Silver Springs’ DeLuxe Beer was an early example of a Malt Liquor, a strong American adjunct lager. Over the past decades, the term has lost its classic definition and the style’s reputation has been tarnished by the inexpensive yet high-alcohol swill hocked in large packages at convenience stores. Ironic, as the style was originally developed to provide a high quality beer to discerning tastes at a time when traditional brewing grains, like barley, were in short supply. Brewers of the day experimented with supplemental, or “adjunct”, grains to their malt bills such as corn or rice.

A lifelong apostle of brewing history, Silver City brewmaster Don Spencer painstakingly studied every detail he could find about DeLuxe Beer and other American lagers of the era, and developed a recipe that married those classic flavors and ingredients with the precision of modern brewing science.

“Corn lends a very distinctive, pleasant flavor to this traditional American lager,” says Spencer. “For Deluxe Malt Liquor, we source the highest-quality flaked corn we can get our hands on, and its impact is evident in the subtle sweetness as it first hits your palate to the hints of graininess in the mellow, refreshing finish.”

A cult classic among Silver City Brewery’s long time fans, Deluxe Malt Liquor will return on draft & in limited-release 22oz bottles on March 3rd.

The description on the bottle, adorned with a classic coupe of the Silver Springs era, reads “Throw back a throwback. This golden lager is crafted in the classic, American malt liquor tradition with the addition of flaked corn to the mash. With a depth of body unique amongst lagers and a slick, refreshing finish, it’s the perfect fill-up after a day in the garage.”

March also sees the return of Fat Woody Scotch Ale, of Silver City Brewery’s “Limited Series” lineup. Annually recurring recipes, yet more elusive and available for a shorter window than a seasonal, these ales present a unique opportunity for no-holds-barred creativity between Brewmaster Don Spencer and his team including Director of Quality & Innovation Matt Riggs, and Head Brewer Seth Hanson.

Silver City Brewery Fat Woody Scotch Ale

With a more literal name than one may realize at first glance, Fat Woody is a variant of Silver City Brewery’s perennial fan-favorite, Fat Scotch Ale. Aged for the course of several weeks on American White Oak, the beer takes on a remarkable vanilla character, adding a melodic riffage to the tight backbeat of Fat Scotch’s peaty malt bill.

“For centuries scotch whiskey makers understood the invaluable, smooth, rich character extended aging on oak provided their craft,” notes the brewmaster, “A soft oaken nose and a mellow woodiness on the palate are an integral element to any beautifully crafted wine or whiskey. With Fat Woody, we add the benefit of time, allowing the smoky character of the peated malt to meld with the richness of the wood.”

Pouring with deep ruby color, Fat Woody begs to enjoyed out of a snifter at just below room temperature, perhaps with a side of gouda and black forest ham.

Available starting February 29th in limited draft and in 22oz bottles, the label description reads, “What happens when you take a rich, complex scotch ale and age it on American white oak? Fat Woody is created. Smooth vanilla notes intertwine with subtle smokiness and bold malt character in this big brother to our Fat Scotch Ale.”

About Silver City Brewery:

Silver City Restaurant & Brewery is the Kitsap Peninsula’s premier destination for award-winning, handcrafted beers, Northwest-inspired food, legendary hospitality, and great memories in a fun, friendly environment.

Silver City was started in 1996 by Co-owners Steve & Scott Houmes, and it remains a locally owned and operated family establishment. Silver City Brewery’s handcrafted beers are available on draft, in 22oz bottles, and 12oz bottle & aluminum can 6-packs around the Western Washington area in bars, restaurants, and grocery stores.

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