Reuben’s Brews Releases New Hard Seltzer

Seattle, WA – Things are looking up this spring. Flowers have bloomed, temperatures are rising, the Mariners are looking good (this might be their year!?), and now along comes Fruitfizz, the new, locally crafted hard seltzer from Reuben’s Brews hitting shelves all around the Seattle area.

Fruitfizz is made by real brewers using real fruit and real brewing processes. With just 100 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 added sugar, the 5% ABV gluten-free beverage is the best tasting, most refreshing hard seltzer the team at Reuben’s can brew. Simply put, it’s REAL GOOD. And because 1% of all Fruitfizz sales directly funds the Reuben’s Brews Foundation, drinking Fruitfizz also does REAL GOOD in the local community. That adds up to a lot of positive vibes for the summer ahead.

Fruitfizz is available now in a mixed 12-pack of three flavors as well as 6-packs of Grapefruit. Fruitfizz Grapefruit is brewed with fresh grapefruit zest for an experience of bright and pure grapefruit tartness. Fruitfizz Lemon & Lime is crafted with lemon and lime zest and is the pure and crisp. And Fruitfizz Orange Zest uses only fresh orange zest for a bright, citrusy punch of flavor.

“Innovation is the heart of our brewery, and Fruitfizz is the result of a lot of experimentation and exploration by our brewing team,” said Adam Robbings, Co-Founder of Reuben’s Brews. “There’s a lot of Hard Seltzer in the market today, but with Fruitfizz we believe you’ll taste the same balance and drinkability that’s the hallmark of everything we brew at Reuben’s.”

To do some REAL GOOD in the community, as PNW locals do, 1% of the proceeds from Fruitfizz will help fund the Reuben’s Brews Foundation. Led by Reuben’s Co-Founder Grace Robbings, the non-profit arm of Reuben’s supports the work of several community partners in education, environment, arts, human rights, animal rights, health, and social justice.

“Fruitfizz is a great example of our mission to ‘Pour Delight’ for our community,” said Grace Robbings. “And as the Foundation has proven, pouring delight can extend beyond what’s poured in the pint glass. The funds generated by Fruitfizz will be a huge boost for the work the Foundation is doing in the PNW and beyond.”

Fruitfizz is now available at retail around the Seattle area and on-tap at the Reuben’s Brews Taproom in Ballard. As spring turns into summer, odds are the Mariners will fade, but with the arrival of Fruitfizz the summer is looking REAL GOOD.

About Reuben’s Brews

Adam and Grace Robbings opened Reuben’s Brews in 2012, after an award-winning homebrewing career, naming the brewery after their first child, Reuben. At their family-owned brewery they brew from the glass backwards: designing each beer with intention, unbound by constraints. They know that making that extra effort is worth it. From their everyday favorite beers to innovative new releases, they help you grow your love of beer. Reuben’s Brews. Beer Unbound.

The Reuben’s Taproom (5010 14th Ave NW in Ballard) is open daily 12pm-9pm and the new Barrel House (1133 51st Street NW) is just a few doors up the street and is open 3pm – 9pm, Thursday through Sunday. The spaces have been updated for the times, featuring an expanded outdoor seating area and To-Go Store. They strictly adhere to all current state and local health precautions to keep their customers and team safe. The Brewtap (800 NW 46th St. in Ballard) is closed until further notice.

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