Purpose Energy – Saving The Earth, One Beer At A Time

Purpose EnergyWALTHAM, MA – Like most stories in the beer industry, it all started over a pint. For Eric Fitch, the Founder of Purpose Energy, it meant breaking free of building start-ups for other people and finally doing it for himself.

Fitch began homebrewing in the mid-90’s and has now turned his passion into a career. Instead of being the 1800th brewery startup in the U.S., Fitch took a more ‘green’ approach.

“I was thinking about doing a renewable waste and energy company and really needed a bite-sized opportunity,” said Fitch. “Eventually I came upon what looked like a pretty good business model.”

Fitch hit the ground running, founded Purpose Energy and created what he now calls the “BOB,” or Biphase Orbicular Biodigester.

“It’s a big tank and we put all the waste from the brewing industry in there,” he said. “We can take their waste water, their spent yeast and their spent grain.”

Long story short, the BOB goes to work and turns the waste into energy which the brewery can then use to power the next phase of the brewing process.

“It’s a continuous process right,” said Fitch. “They keep making waste and we keep making gas.”

Fitch just recently finished installing the first BOB at Magic Hat Brewing Company and is hoping more companies take in insterest in Purpose Energy, but admits both sides are doing their homeworks.

“I am talking to anyone and everyone right now,” he said. “The brewers and Purpose Energy are both being pretty cautious. Most breweries want to see how things workout at Magic Hat before they make a large capital investment in equipment.”

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