Masq Hard Tea Launches All-Natural, Functional Tea in Southeast US

Masq delivers a better way to drink to health-conscious consumers. We use an organic Yerba Mate base, organic superfoods for flavor, blue agave and monk fruit to slightly sweetened and a herbal blend to finish!

Masq is a 4% ABV, (mostly) organic, all-natural tea. The difference between Masq and any other alcohol product on the market is our ingredients. Unlike many ready to drink alcohol offerings that are loaded with empty calories and carbs, we wanted our ingredients to be beneficial to the body. Therefore, instead of starting with alcohol and attempting to use mixers and sweeteners to make the alcohol palatable, we worked backwards and started with the other ingredients to develop a base that tasted great but had significant health benefits.

We used an Organic Yerba Mate green tea base (one of the most nutrient rich, antioxidant rich substances you can find) flavored it with organic superfood fruit juice, sweetened it slightly with organic monk fruit and organic blue agave and finished it with an organic herbal blend, then we added alcohol.

If the alcohol was removed from Masq, you’d be left with an organic, functional tea that would be sold in the organic section of any market. We believe that Masq truly give the consumer a better way to drink.

Keep Feeling Good About Feeling Good!

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