Jackalope Expands Distribution in New York With TapRm

NEW YORK — TapRm is excited to announce that New York can now get a taste of Nashville with our newest exclusive partnerships with Jackalope Brewing Company. Some of Jackalope’s best, most sought-after beers are hitting TapRm, perfectly timed for a period when taking a Nashville vacation isn’t quite feasible. Since opening in 2011, Jackalope has helped shape the city’s craft beer scene, blazing trails and working for changes that have allowed Nashville breweries to open and thrive and we are thrilled to have them on board.

With this new partnership, TapRm will now be able to offer three year round beers which “appeal to various palates, each beer balanced and drinkable in its own right,” says CEO and Co-Founder of Jackalope Bailey Spaulding. TapRm will also carry one seasonal and one limited release beer to round out the line-up offering “something people can depend on, but also something for people who want to try something new.”

Jackalope extends its mission beyond making quality beer. The founders are also passionate about impacting their local community. “From the very start, we had a program in our taproom where 20% of the proceeds from one of our beers goes to a local nonprofit or a nonprofit we care about,” says Spaulding. “There’s also community engagement, that’s a big deal. We’ll do–not during Covid times–neighborhood clean-ups, invasive species clean-ups, river clean-ups. We tend to try to not only donate money but also time and other resources to make the community a little better.”

From the importance of sustainability to influences from Vermont brewing, Jackalope delivers high quality, innovative beers that New Yorkers should be excited to discover. To try all of Jackalope’s options in New York, head to https://taprm.com/collections/jackalope-brewing-company.

About TapRm

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