Heavy Seas and UK Brewing Introduce the Caskerator

Baltimore, MD — Fans of cask conditioned beer can hopefully look forward to seeing more taverns serving cask ale in the months to come. Hugh Sisson of Heavy Seas Beer has collaborated with Paul Pendyck of UK Brewing to develop a “caskerator” conversion kit available for purchase. “Cask beer is extremely delicate and really needs to be served at a slightly higher temperature than regular draft,” said Sisson. “Another issue is having the beer spoil if not dispensed quickly. Working with Paul to develop this ‘caskerator’ — basically a conversion kit for a standard kegerator — solves all of these problems for the retailer.”

Cask beer is the old-fashioned way of presenting draft beer. The beer is served unfiltered, naturally conditioned (or carbonated), and is pumped from the vessel rather than being pushed with carbon dioxide. This system allows the retailer to serve cask ale using a “beer engine” pump, at the right temperature and with very little waste or spoilage.

Heavy Seas Beer is a national leader in cask beer; therefore, Hugh Sisson wanted to develop a solution to eliminate the challenges that many retailers have encountered in the past.

The caskerator kit includes an Angram CC single pull beer engine with a platform to easily attach to a kegerator. For more information and to purchase the “caskerator” kit, visit: www.ukbrewing.com