Flying Dog Adds Two Brews to Year-Round Lineup

Frederick, MD — From small-batch to year-round. That is the path for two of Flying Dog Brewery’s latest additions to its portfolio: Bloodline Blood Orange Ale and Easy IPA.

Arguably two of the brewery’s most sought-after limited releases last year, Bloodline and Easy IPA followed two different paths into the market.

“Bloodline was released for last year’s Brewers Craft Brewers Conference, which was held in Washington, DC,” Flying Dog Brewmaster Matt Brophy said. “CBC rotates cities every year, so we knew we wanted to create something special for our backyard.”

Brewed with blood orange peel and juice, Bloodline also features citrus-forward hops Galaxy and Citra. At 7% ABV, it begins with huge grapefruit on the nose, followed by a balance of citrus bitterness and sweetness.

“Brewing with ingredients other than water, malted barley, hops, and yeast always presents a unique opportunity to learn the nuances of everything going into the beer,” Brophy said. “Blood orange is intense, yet delicate, which is what we wanted to convey in the final product.”

Easy IPA was originally released in May of last year as a part of Flying Dog’s Brewhouse Rarities series.

The series is comprised of beer concepts pitched each summer for the following year by anyone on the brewery’s staff — from brewers to accountants to tour guides. The series is in its third year and Easy IPA is the first Brewhouse Rarities release to become a year-round release.

“The collective creativity and innovation of our staff is always inspiring,” Brophy said. “It’s an honor to use that concept and recipe for Easy IPA as inspiration for a brand new, year-round addition to our portfolio.”

The original concept was a sessionable IPA that still had the robust hop character of a traditional IPA, which continues with Easy IPA’s huge tropical fruit and citrus character and crisp, clean biscuit malt backbone. It clocks in at 4.7% ABV.

Both beers feature new artwork by the iconic Gonzo illustrator Ralph Steadman, a longtime friend of Hunter S. Thompson, who has produced original art for Flying Dog since 1995.

Bloodline will be available on draft in the mid-Atlantic starting April 15 and followed by 6-packs at the beginning of June. Easy IPA will be available on draft and in 6-packs in the mid-Atlantic April 15 and available in all markets where Flying Dog is sold by May 15.

About Flying Dog Brewery:

As one of the fastest-growing regional craft breweries in the mid-Atlantic, Flying Dog has been brewing world-class beer that pushes the confines of traditional styles for almost 25 years. Flying Dog attracts everyone from craft beer connoisseurs to those just catching the wave with up to 20 styles available at any given time and its Gonzo ties to writer Hunter S. Thompson and artist Ralph Steadman. Named the Mid-Size Craft Brewery of the Year at the 2009 Great American Beer Festival (the highest honor for its size in the United States), recent accolades for Flying Dog include its Pale Ale ranked as the #1 American Pale Ale in the U.S. by The New York Times. For more information, please visit