Expense Tracker Everlance Launches Everlance Business

Everlance, the #1 mileage and expense tracker, announced the launch of Everlance Business, an enterprise solution that streamlines reimbursements to employees on the road.

Everlance Business takes the tedious work out of expense and mileage reporting and payments whether companies use Cents-per-Mile (CPM), Fixed & Variable Rate (FAVR), or stipend reimbursements. It combines the top-rated Everlance smartphone app with a central administrator dashboard and dedicated Customer Success team. With the confidence that all work-related driving is accurately captured, customers spend less time tallying trips and chasing records.

“Once Everlance was implemented, we had access to immediate real-time data that ended up saving everyone time and increased the accuracy of what data was being submitted,” said Archie Simmons, CFO at Hoffman Beverage. The distributor uses Everlance Business to make reimbursements easy and efficient. It both reduces the administrative burden and saves money.

Manual approaches to logging distances traveled are prone to overpayment. Compared to less reliable methods, Everlance’s automated GPS tracking cuts costs by 30% on average. The added visibility into driver routes also helps meet compliance requirements and unlock data insights to optimize operations.

“Reimbursing for mileage should take seconds, not hours” said Alex Marlantes, CEO and co-founder of Everlance. “Finance and HR leaders at companies whose employees use the app told us how digitizing company mileage and expenses drives productivity improvements. With Everlance Business, you can also facilitate report approvals, reimburse directly through Everlance, reconcile with accounting and even get analytics on metrics like time spent driving or on site.”

Key details:

  • Everlance announces the launch of Everlance Business, the app leader’s modern enterprise solution designed specifically for field teams
  • Everlance Business makes it easy for on the go employees and managers to track, submit and approve mileage and expenses
  • Customers can choose from flexible reimbursement options to meet their needs and reduce costs, including FAVR and CPM

About Everlance

Everlance helps businesses and independent workers save time and money with easy-to-use financial tools. Launched in 2015, Everlance has over 1 million users, a #1 rating in the app store and a feature by Apple as one of the “Best New Apps.” Our community of users has collectively logged over 20 million miles with the mobile app.

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