Epic Brewing Announces Release of Annual Big Bad Baptist Imperious Stout and Variants

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Fall is our favorite time of year here at Epic Brewing because it’s when we release our annual batch of the world-renowned Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout and all of its specialty variants. We prep for nearly a year by planning, brewing, barrel- aging, blending, and packaging these highly anticipated brews. So without further ado, here’s a list of our 2021 lineup.

Big Bad Baptist: For the third year in a row our classic, award winning, big and bold, original Big Bad Baptist will be available in 12oz, 4 pack cans in most markets and 22oz bottles in select locations. We spent the off-season continuing to improve our most recognized beer and we know you’ll think the 2021 release is the best yet. Even better, Big Bad Baptist is now year-round so you can enjoy your favorite barrel-aged stout during all four seasons.

Black Forest Cake: Have you ever had your cake and drank it, too? Chocolate, ripe cherries, and fresh coconut are layered into this decadent beer. The Sammelsurium of ingredients coalesce into the liquid form of a classic German treat. Skip dessert and reach for a bottle of Black Forest Chocolate Cake.

Naked Baptist: BIG BAD DISCLAIMER: what you are about to drink is the naked depiction of Big Bad Baptist in the way God – I mean our brewers – intended it. Be ready to indulge in au naturel, Burbon barrel-aged deliciousness, unadulterated by coffee or cacao. Jokes aside, our brewers have been begging to bottle this for years. Cheers to one our favorite liquids ever!

Double Barrel: In collaboration with Blue Copper Coffee, we’ve aged green Columbian Coffee Beans in whiskey barrels and selected choice Baptist casks for a double blast of bourbon barrel character. Pull the trigger on this extremely limited release. LOCK, STOCK and BARREL!

Double Jam: Raspberry, blackberry, and coffee come together – like breakfast on a Sunday morning – in what we like to call the most important beer of the day. Enjoy at the crack of dawn or as an endcap to the perfect evening, we don’t judge.

In The Rye: “Life is a game, boy. Life is a game that one plays according to the rules.” – J.D. Salinger. Epic strayed from the bourbon beaten path on this brew by aging it in 100% rye barrels, which add unique peppery notes and deep earthy tones to Big Bad Baptist. Comin thro’ the rye.

Chocolate Mint: Enjoy-Mint…. Refresh-Mint… Chocolate Mint! Big Bad Baptist Chocolate Mint is made with fresh mint and a copious addition of cacao nibs. Notes of mint live in harmony with silky chocolate and coffee flavor. “Get the sensation!’ of Refresh-Mint with every sip.

The 2021 Big Bad Baptist and its variants will be released in October and will ship across our distribution footprint by the end of November.

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