Epic Brewing Announces 2020 Big Bad Baptist Variants

SALT LAKE CITY & DENVER — Every fall at Epic Brewing, or what we like to call “Baptist Season” we release Big Bad Baptist and its variants. 2020 is no exception. During Baptist Season, our brewery focuses its resources to the final blending and packaging of our highly anticipated annual release of the Big Bad Baptist and its Specialty Variants. We started thinking about the 2020 release almost immediately after we finished releasing the 2019 Baptist family of beers. Considering almost a dozen different variants, we finally settled on five that we are proud to release this year. Two of them are new bold twists on beloved favorites while others are totally new varieties. Without further ado, here is the list:

Big Bad Baptist: For the second year in a row our classic, award winning, big and bold, original Big Bad Baptist will be available in 12 oz, 4 pack cans in most markets and 22 oz bottles everywhere. Wespent the off-season continuing to improve our most recognized beer and we know you’ll think the 2020 release is the best yet. Even better, Big Bad Baptist is going year-round so you can enjoy your favorite barrel-aged stout during all four seasons.

Bigger Badder Baptista: 2017 was our first release of Big Bad Baptista, a barrel-aged stout inspired by Café de Olla. You loved it so much we had to release more in 2018. We missed it in 2019 so for 2020 we wanted to bring back Baptista, but with a vengeance! Inspired by the smokey bite of Mezcal,we added a pinch of smoked malt and a dash of salt to the mix of the Café de Olla spices. Badder Baptista is the Vaquero Bandito of the Baptist family. Don’t mess with this hombre, he’s the Baddest Baptist yet.

Big Bad Baptist Double Chocolate Double Peanut Butter: 2019 saw the release of Chocolate Rapture Baptist & Peanut Butter Cup Baptist. These two variants were our most popular of the 2019 releases, but we at the brewery were a house divided between Team Chocolate & Team Peanut Butter. Most conflicts are best settled with compromise, so we combined and then doubled the amount of chocolate and peanut butter because too much is rarely enough!

Big Bad Baptist Pecan Pie: With a nod to our Big Bad Baptist fans south of the Mason-Dixon, we’retaking on a southern classic dessert, the bourbon pecan pie. Brewed with cinnamon and pecans to pair perfectly with the bourbon & coffee notes of Big Bad Baptist, everyone from the east, west, north, and south can skip the pie and pass the beer.

Big Bad Baptist Chocolate Raspberry: The road to romance is paved with Chocolate and Raspberries! Tangy and tart raspberries blended gloriously with the rich, chocolatey goodness of Big Bad Baptist. Take your time and savor this luxurious blend with someone who is more than a friend.An easy crowd pleaser on a Sunday social or other gathering with or without powdered doughnuts.

Big Bad Baptist Sextuple Barrel: This beer represents the culmination of a half-decade of pushing the boundaries of barrel-aged beer. The very final effort (really, we need to stop, we won’t continue this madness) in our annual numbered series which began with Double Barrel Big Bad Baptist in 2016, Sextuple Barrel Big Bad Baptist includes all our favorite ingredients. We hope you enjoy this last beer of the series as much as we enjoyed making it!

The 2020 Big Bad Baptist and its variants are planned for October release and will ship to all markets where we distribute by the end of November. Locals to our Denver and Salt Lake City breweries should check in often over the summer as we’ll be quietly releasing some preview batches of these beers.

Founded by Dave Cole and Peter Erickson, Epic Brewing opened its doors in Salt Lake City in 2010 and expanded to Denver in 2013. The independent craft brewery currently distributes to 26 states across the U.S.”

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