Clown Shoes Beer Reports The ‘State Of The Shoenion”

A Message from Gregg Berman, the Founder of Clown Shoes Beer:

The expansion continues. We have sent beer over the past few months to IL, ME, Upstate NY, VA, and RI.

The folks at Mercury have done a great job of helping us to project and produce the beers.

The sales teams in each market have been getting out into the streets and showing Clown Shoes to their customers.

Four large batches are being kegged and bottled this week, being dispersed to the markets above and to our home market, where the Clown Shoes business is thriving. Sean Geary, the brand manager, has been exerting a tremendous amount of energy and is on pace to more than double our footprint in Massachusetts.

A pallet of beer is also being picked up by The Shelton Brothers, heading to Denmark through their Citizens of the World Good Beer Exchange Program.

In about one month we will be sending small amounts of Clown Shoes to SC, DE, NV, AZ, FL, TX, and NJ.

A new product, Lubrication, will be a local only release as a bomber toward the end of June, and then shortly after that we will do a national release in four packs. Clementine will be available in four packs as well.

The final three test batches for Lubrication are being dry hopped right now. One is a down size of hoppy feet at six percent ABV, with a little extra dark malt and an IBU of 40 as opposed to 80. It is meant to be an easy drinking blackened pale ale. The second is the same recipe but with sweet orange peel added. The third uses Chambly yeast instead of Chico and also has sweet orange peel. I’m extremely excited to try these, hopefully on Monday, before flying to Virginia.

Doing an amber ale in four packs and calling it Shorty has crossed my mind. People in bars could say stuff like, “Hey, bring us a round of Shortys!” And the slogan could be something like, “Trade your forty for a Shorty, the beer that wants to be your bitch.”

Yes, sadly, I am serious.

Next week I’ll be doing an event at Rustico in Alexandria on Tuesday night. They’ll have four beers on tap and Eagle Claw Fist on cask. I’ll be in Norfolk the next day, working the area, then doing an event at Cogan’s Pizza.


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