BOMANI Cold Buzz Adds Distribution to Colorado via New Age Beverage

COLORADO– Co-Founders Sam Madani, Kai Drewry, and Amin Anjedani announced that BOMANI Cold Buzz, the one-of-a-kind alcohol-infused cold brew coffee that launched in March, is now available for purchase in the state of Colorado.

BOMANI has earned a highly dedicated base of repeat consumers in Colorado, which has been a key driver in this business decision. “We were receiving inbound messages via our website and our Instagram account with people asking for BOMANI to be on shelves in the beautiful state of Colorado,” said Sam Madani, Co-Founder & CEO, “we heard you, we listened, and we got to work!”

A majority of the inbound consumer requests were tied to specific occasions when BOMANI would fit in well with the lifestyle in Colorado. “As I was reading the messages, I could imagine myself enjoying a BOMANI while hiking, hosting an outdoor brunch, or on the ski lifts in the Winter,” said Amin Anjedani, Co-Founder & Chief of Product Design. “I completely understand why BOMANI has been in high demand for this state,” commented Amin Anjedani.”

“We are incredibly proud and thankful for how we’ve been able to maneuver through all of the hurdles 2020 has thrown our way,” said Kai Drewry, Co-Founder & COO, “we believe that our success is largely a result of working with the right partners – and from our first conversation with New Age Beverage, we knew they were the right partner to empower BOMANI to launch in Colorado.”

“BOMANI Cold Buzz is innovating a category that we believe will be the perfect fit for our market,” said Hans Schmidt, Alcohol Division Manager of New Age Beverage. “The team is dynamic, energetic, and hardworking. Not to mention – the product is delicious!”

While BOMANI receives emails and DMs from a high number of states, the team is selective about where and when to launch new geographies. “This year is all about laser focus,” said Nick Gagliardi, BOMANI’s Corporate Strategy Director, “we’re focused on the geographies we launch with and the demographic they cater to, specifically responding to demand from the millennial consumer who is looking for lower calorie, zero carb, zero sugar beverages.”

BOMANI is offered at a suggested retail price of $13.99/4-pack and can be found on-shelves near the hard seltzer products. For more information, visit and follow along on Instagram

About BOMANI Cold Buzz

BOMANI Cold Buzz is alcohol-infused cold brew coffee. At 5.7% ABV, BOMANI is only 110 calories, zero sugar, zero carbs, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, vegan, and Kosher. BOMANI is made with 100% ethically sourced Arabica beans and alcohol from sugar, the same type of alcohol that goes into hard seltzers. At roughly half a cup of coffee’s worth of caffeine per can, BOMANI is the perfect beverage to enjoy at brunch, before a night out, during a round of golf, and more. BOMANI is available in 33 states (8 on-shelves and 31 online). To find BOMANI near you or order online for delivery, go to BOMANI Cold Buzz was founded in New York City by three native Californians. The co-founders, known as the BOMANI Brothers, were introduced to one another through a network of mutual friends. Once they had the idea to create alcohol-infused cold brew coffee, they dedicated their lives and careers to see if they could really make it happen. After doing their due diligence and finding that existing products were all high-calorie, heavy, and frankly, not too tasty, they decided consumers deserved a better option: alcohol-infused cold brew coffee.

About New Age Beverage

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