Bad Water Introduces “Designed in Arizona” Stamp

Scottsdale, AZ — Behind the scenes at one of craft beer’s most flavorful brands is the heart and soul of American manufacturing. Bad Water Brewing has worked to push the innovation envelope with all products to now be “Designed in Arizona”.

The Designed in Arizona stamp on every Bad Water beer bottle celebrates its homegrown state while simultaneously collaborating with multiple breweries across the United States of complimenting talents to produce Bad Water’s beer. In a market booming with localized beer where did the decision to move production away from home come from? Simply put, Bad Water rigorously selected brewers to yield the highest quality and brewing capabilities in the industry, bar none.

However, the involvement in the actual making of the beer doesn’t lessen by any degree. It takes tremendous balance bringing specialized people together from grain to glass and Bad Water team shapes this production every step of the way.

About Bad Water Brewing

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