Dark Lord Day 2011 Details Release

Dark Lord Day 2011

MUNSTER, IN – 3 Floyds released information surrounding the infamous 'Dark Lord Day.' Details from the brewery blog are listed below. For more information visit the brewery website.

Tickets are $10.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, March 19th.

Tickets will be sold through an online ticket broker.

The link to the ticket site will be posted midday on the 19th on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

Tickets will be required to attend.  Police will be enforcing a no loitering policy in the industrial park.

The admission ticket also guarantees your allotment of Darklord during sales hours.

You can buy two tickets per person, but remember tickets are admission tickets as well, and allocation is per person not number of tickets.

When purchasing tickets there will be three time options for bottle sales. (morning, afternoon and late afternoon)