Full Sail Press Release: The Revelator

Full Sail brewing Co
Full Sail Brewer Chris Davis
HOOD RIVER, Ore – The newest beer in Full Sail’s Brewer’s Share line up, “The Revelator,” crafted by brewer Chris Davis, is a revelation of camaraderie and discourse inspired by friends new and old sharing a beer or two.
A winter ale, The Revelator is a deep copper concoction with malty caramel notes, balanced by slight lemon and hints of dill attributed to the hops. It is meant to be enjoyed with others.
This beer checks in at 6.26% ABV and 50 IBU's.
“Since we began our Brewer’s Share program we have reveled in the uniqueness and creativity of our brew staff. Chris Davis’s Brewer’s Share continues in this tradition. We thought it was best to have Chris’s own words describe his beer and the inspiration behind it,” said Irene Firmat, Full Sail Brewing Company’s Founder and CEO.
Chris Davis describes it as follows:
“The Revelator is that which reveals. It is a deep copper concoction coming in at 50 bitterness units boasting Sorachi Ace and Amarillo hop cones, not to mention that wondrous agent of change, that fungi perfecti: our own ale yeast. The taker of The Revelator is on their way to overcoming self imposed and unnecessary boundaries. Raise your glass with friends and family, and do not miss those opportunities to give a good hug or hearty handshake to someone close by. The Revelator should help you see truth and happiness – an instrument that may help you reach out and join in thoughtful discourse, helping you on the path to love and enjoyment of life, as well as help others do the same. This elixir does not purport to have magical properties but to reveal those bits of magic already deep inside us.
Often, descriptive comments on a particular brew or what the brewer was trying to achieve is much like reading the sports page. Many articles sound very similar or repetitive. This is mostly because words cannot convey the emotional and sensory messages that one gets from attending the actual events or sharing in the real life experience. So to speak of the caramel character balanced against, the lemon cream and the hint of dill hidden in this well crafted brew is banal at worst, but enticing at best. The good thing about this is that you have not missed that ballgame, you can still go get a pint and experience it for yourself. It is my hope that the Revelator can help us all slow down and enjoy some real living."
Full Sail has scheduled two “Meet the Brewer and the Beer” events to showcase this new beer. The first Meet Brewer and the Beer event will be at Full Sail at Riverplace in Portland, Tuesday, February 15th, from 5:00 – 6:30PM. 
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