Craft beer industry news.

Precision Fermentation Introduces BrewMonitor System

Precision Fermentation, a leading biochemistry technology solutions provider, announced today the release of its new product, the BrewMonitor System, a groundbreaking fermentation monitoring solution for the craft beer industry.

Sycamore Brewing Releases Wild Blossom Cider

Sycamore Brewing is excited to announce the release of a new family of brands with the launch of Wild Blossom Cider. Wild Blossom’s line-up includes Rosé and Brut ciders and will be available in both 4-pack 16oz cans and draft.

Evolution Craft Brewing Installs Canning Line, Releases Lot No. 3 IPA

After years of only selling their beer on draft and in bottles, owners Tom and John Knorr have been repeatedly faced with the question: “when will Evo come in cans?” We are excited to announce that the time has finally come. After months of searching for the perfect caning line, Evolution finally found one that meets their quality assurance standards.

Monday Night Brewing to Release Mischief Managed with Peaches

Monday Night Brewing’s Garage program is set to release its newest project. After the success of the first Mischief Managed with raspberries, a wine barrel-fermented fruited Berliner Weisse, the Atlanta brewery turned to a classically Georgia ingredient for this next batch – peaches.

Revolution Brewing Announces Deep Wood Series Lineup

Following the successful transition of the Deep Wood Series of barrel-aged beers into cans, Revolution Brewing is expanding the lineup in 2018. Six new-to-can beers will join four of last year’s favorites for a total of 10 different barrel-aged varieties.

Stone Path Malt to Open Maltery and Taproom

Stone Path Malt co-founders Mark St. Jean and Michael Schroth bring a unique opportunity for the New England Craft Beer Market to Wareham, Mass. In its fourth year of operation, the company supplying custom imported malt to New England Craft Breweries and local homebrewers is expanding its business and set to open a new 30,000 square foot maltery and tap room, later this summer.

ePac Flexible Packaging Adds Capacity to Chicago Facility

Just two months after announcing the addition of a third HP Indigo 20000 digital printing press to its Madison, WI facility, ePac Flexible Packaging today announced the addition of a second press to its Chicago facility.