5/4/2016 -- Celebrate National Star Wars Day at Cape May Brewing Company


May the Fourth be with you! We've got an inter-stellar event on tap for you to celebrate Star Wars day.

Since May 4th, 2016 falls on a Wednesday, Cape May brewing company will be celebrating with two variants of their One-Off Wednesday series. While this series typically sees CMBC brewing one keg of a specialty beer, this week they’ve infused two sixtels of CMBC’s tasty Misty Dawn Saison, one with blue raspberries and the other with dark cherries.

“A bunch of us in the brewery are big Star Wars geeks, so we decided to let our geek juices flow,” says Head Brewer Brian Hink. “We started spitballing some ideas, and we eventually came upon a Light Side versus Dark Side theme. We thought of Vader’s distinctive red lightsaber and Luke’s distinctive blue lightsaber and decided to do a blue versus red theme, with blue raspberries for the Light Side and dark cherries for the Dark Side. And we knew that the Misty Dawn Saison was the perfect beer to pair it with.”

Fans of Star Wars will be able to decide which side of The Force they fall on, and those identifying with Luke’s inner battle may enjoy the two brews layered one on top of the other.

Visitors dressed in Star Wars costumes will receive a discount on tastings. Normally $5, whether dressed as Luke, Leia, Vader, or Chewie, fans will receive flights for only $4.

In addition to twenty of their award-winning brews on tap, visitors will be able to sample Cape May Brewing Company’s handcrafted Yoda Soda. Infused with limes, honeydew, kiwi, spinach, pineapple, banana, and mango, this delicious concoction may not imbew fans with the wisdom of Yoda, but will slake the thirst of any Jedi and satisfy any sweet tooth.

In addition, CMBC will have a Star Wars Pandora station playing throughout the day, fans will be able to make their own mini glowstick lightsabers, and there will be a photobooth on hand stocked with Star Wars masks, props and memorabilia.

Event listing posted on April 29, 2016 1:30PM