Fermentation Solutions From Fermentis

Fermentis has introduced two innovative new products for brewers in the US and Canada.

SafSour™ LP 652 is a highly reliable bacteria for creating balanced sour beers. This homofermentive Lactobacillus plantarum culture was specifically selected for its ability to provide fresh tropical, citrus and fruity notes when used in kettle souring.

Some fermentation specifics for SafSour™ LP 652:

  • Acidifies non-hopped wort within 24-36 hours at a temperature range of 37°C /98°F (+/- 3°C/5.4°F)
  • Like many Lactobacillus cultures, LP 652 presents a low tolerance towards iso alpha acids
  • As a homofermentative lactic bacteria, LP 652 produces mainly lactic acid and a low amount of acetic acid
  • Inoculated worts typically reach a final pH of 3.2 – 3.6

Kevin Lane, Fermentis Sales Manager for the US and Canada, joined us for an episode of BSG Webinars to discuss SafSour™ LP 652 and its brewhouse applications in more detail:

SafBrew™ DA-16 is an ideal choice for creating dry, well-attenuated beers with lots of flavor – particulary fruity and/or hoppy styles like Brut IPA. It’s an excellent option for high-gravity worts and is capable of producing up to 16% abv.

SafBrew™ DA-16 is a powerful package of Active Dry Yeast and enzymes. It exhibits high ester production and alcohol tolerance, plus a rapid rate of fermentation and high attenuation thanks to a glucoamylase enzyme derived from Aspergillus niger.

Fermentation kinetics of DA-16 in different worts are shown in the graph below:

For more information on these and other fermentation solutions from Fermentis, please visit www.fermentis.com or www.bsgcraft.com.

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