West Flanders Brews Beer for the AFC Championship

Boulder, CO – This week’s Single Keg Series beer at West Flanders Brewing (Boulder, CO) is a unique “AFC Champion Style Ale” we call Brett on the Broncos. It’s our Obfuscation Trippel blended with a special batch of our Angry Monk Belgian-style golden ale that was fermented with a Brettanomyces yeast from Belgium’s famed Lambic region.

This bold, foretelling beer was also dry-hopped with locally grown Cascade hops (from Oelsner Hop Farm in Niwot, CO) for an extra bite on its finale.

Like the Denver Broncos offense, it’s a winning, gloriously golden wonder deep with unstoppable flavors and wild and thrilling excitement. (Sorry Peyton, this is no light beer.)

“The Brettanomyces yeast adds some wonderful and very appropriate barnyard notes and aromas of horse blankets,” notes West Flanders head brewer Brian Lutz. “And unlike Tom Brady or Bill Belichick, there’s nothing winey about the beer and we didn’t cheat to make it.”

To avoid anyone videotaping and stealing our methods for creating Brett on the Broncos, we crafted the beer with the utmost secrecy in our brewpub.

Savvy, exceptional and rich with horsepower, Brett on the Broncos features a hearty kick of approximately 7.2% ABV. It goes great with a broad array of our West Flanders Brewing fare.

Note: this beer is much too strong of a match for New England-style chowder or Boston-baked beans.