Video: Saranac ‘Pours Soul’ into New Marketing Campaign

saranac pour your soul into it

F.X. Matt Brewing, more commonly known as Saranac, is getting set to debut a new marketing campaign across multiple platforms, including television, a still relatively untapped medium for craft brewers.

Dubbed “Pour Your Soul Into It,” the campaign was developed to better relay the company’s history and its own position in the craft beer landscape, which Saranac president Fred Matt said has been unfairly disputed by some consumers.

“Few people know the depth behind the brewery, much less the Saranac brand,” Matt said in a news release announcing the campaign. “We sometimes even got accused of ‘globbing on’ to the craft movement, which couldn’t be further from the truth.”

The ads make mention of the fact that the brewery has generational heritage and plays up the passion angle with the tagline, “Pour your soul into it.”

Brand manager Nick R. Matt, who developed the campaign, said that paired with some new releases and small batch, draft only offerings, it “will really change some minds about who we are.”

The campaign will have a presence in print, digital, and social media with an interactive component as well as on television.

The 30-second television spot can be seen below.

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