Video: Mystic Brewery Takes Unique Approach To Contract Brewing

Mystic BreweryCHELSEA, MA – Mystic Brewery, based in Chelsea, MA. is taking a unique approach to contract brewing.

Instead of letting the beer tie up tank space at the brewery location they will contract through, Founder Bryan Greenhagen and Head Brewer James Nicholson will actually transport wort back to their wherehouse in stainless steel tanks and ferment there. This will not only save them money in rental space, but also allow them to be more experimental with fermentation.

“Since we are brewing the wort at another location, we can bring it back here and we can ferment with any bugs, wild yeast and of course regular brewing yeasts.” said Nicholson. “We can get pretty experimental, without having to freak out the contract brewer.”

Brewbound. com met with both Greenhagen and Nicholson in March to discuss their “brewery in planning.”