Urban Artifact Launches Xmas Pickle

CINCINNATI — For all of you who can’t get enough Pickle, we’ve brought it back for the holiday season! This will release to our Online Store on Wednesday, Nov 4th at noon EDT. Xmas Pickle will also be released throughout our distribution network that same week. This gose style beer has the same great Pickle taste you love, just with new wrapping!

Ever been curious to how this unique beer got started? Keep reading to find out more about one of our best-selling beers of all time.

Pickle started back in 2016. Our two brewers at the time, Bret & Josh, were coming up with ideas for taproom only holiday beers when co-owner Scotty brought up the old German tradition of hiding a pickle in a Christmas tree. Cue the Christmas idea light bulb going off above their heads!

It seemed like a no-brainer. Gose beer as the base; with its natural salinity and sour flavor, was the perfect match for cucumber and dill. The execution of this concept would be rather simple. However, the hitch here was, did anyone actually want a pickle flavored beer? The three of them decided, this beer was probably going to flop, but it would be quite a good time watching people try a pickle beer with their friends and families around the holiday season. So the Pickle beer was born.

Now, to their surprise, not only did people get a kick out of the Pickle beer, it instantly became our most asked about beer. What started as nothing more than a holiday joke, has spiraled into a cult favorite. Every year we’ve brewed more Pickle than the year before, and every year it sells out to pickle fans faster than we can produce it. Eventually we moved the release of Pickle to line up with BBQ season and began canning and producing even more of this beer. However, we have just not been able to keep up! In light of this pickle we find ourselves in, we’ve decided to move this beer back to its holiday roots.

Be on the lookout for some holiday Xmas Pickle Variants as well! Those will be announced through our Instagram and Facebook pages as we get closer to the release. With this release, we will be transitioning Pickle into a holiday beer. That means that we will no longer be brewing Pickle in July; so stock up now because it won’t be back until the next holiday season!

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