Spencer Brewery to Release New Holiday Ale


Spencer, MA – The monks at Spencer Abbey today announced they are brewing a new beer called Spencer Holiday Ale to be released exclusively in Massachusetts the first week of November.

“We’ve learned that people want seasonal offerings, so we decided to try this holiday brew,” said Fr. Isaac Keeley, Director of Spencer Brewery. “And, it’s being offered only in Massachusetts as the monks’ way of thanking our local customers who have supported us from the beginning.

“Since May we have done six pilot brews,” said Fr. Isaac. “Our aim was not to fit into a really closely defined category or style criteria of most American beers. We wanted something to fit that early winter, holiday time. A festive beer that you linger over with a brandy snifter or a Spencer glass.”

Spencer Holiday Ale is dark, strong and delicately spiced with nine percent alcohol by volume. It is a little strong for a double, not exactly the classic dark Belgium ale, and is very drinkable with a touch of holiday spice.

Available in 750 ml bottles and a few kegs, Spencer Holiday Ale suggested retail price is $10.99 and will be distributed by the five members of the Massachusetts Beverage Alliance: Atlas Distributing, Burke Distributing, Colonial Wholesale Beverage, Commercial Distributing and Merrimack Valley Distributing.

At its Sept. 7, 2015 meeting in Belgium, the International Trappist Association voted to allow Spencer Brewery to use the coveted ITA logo on Spencer Trappist Holiday Ale.

Monastic brew master Br. Jonah worked with Spencer brew master Larry Littlehale and assistant brew master Rogert Littlehale to develop this new beer, working through several pilot brews to come to just the right recipe.

“We are very pleased with our new offering and hope this beer adds to the holiday experience for our friends in Massachusetts,” said Fr. Isaac.

Spencer Trappist Ale, Spencer Brewery’s first offering, came on the market in January 2014 as the only certified Trappist beer made in the United States. With the limited November release, Spencer Holiday Ale will become the second certified Trappist beer in the country.

“Watch for a new beer from Spencer coming soon,” said Fr. Isaac. “We want to please our customers who want more and different beers from Spencer Brewery.”