Sonder Brewing Releases Raspberry Sequel Hard Seltzer in Cans

MASON, Ohio — Every good story has a sequel, and that is the inspiration for Sonder Brewing’s release of their newest brand, Sequel Hard Seltzer. Being the sequel to beer, Sonder has had a Raspberry version of Sequel available on draft in the taproom since early February 2020. The hard seltzer has been a staple for consumers looking for a beer alternative, a healthier option or have an appreciation for a craft hard seltzer. Due to the overwhelming response in the taproom, Sonder decided to lean into the product by packaging it in 4-pack 16oz cans at a $9.99 price point. Sequel will hit limited distribution and available in the taproom while supplies last.

The “Sequel” brand name originally came to fruition when having a conversation about people feeling welcomed in the taproom. The taproom was built to encourage a community center atmosphere where everyone feels at home, so it was important to have non beer options available for consumers. Wine and water have always been available at the bar, and BrewRiver has soft drinks, juice, and other non alcoholic beverages. These are fine alternatives, but they lack a connection to the Sonder Brewing brand. Sequel is brewed, fermented, and packaged just like beer, giving drinkers an added connection to the brewery when they have a pint of it. The first iteration of Sequel has been Raspberry and is the first version packaged, but expect more flavors in the future as the Sequel brand expands.

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