Red Brick Brewing Announces Release of Beard Envy Barleywine

red brick brew

ATLANTA, GA – Georgia’s oldest operational craft brewery, Red Brick Brewing Company, announced today the release of its popular Barleywine; Beard Envy.

“We are very excited to release this year’s Beard Envy!” says head brewer Steve Anderson, “One of our most award winning recipes, this American Barleywine has rich malt flavors from the use of dark munich malt, perfectly balanced by bitterness from the hops. This barleywine is aged on Bourbon barrel chips which contribute a very distinct wood character including notes of vanilla, white oak and of course Kentucky Bourbon. The result is a very balanced barleywine that is great for any occasion”

Red Brick has placed at the Cole’s barleywine competition with the previous three years Beard Envy editions: the 2014 brew took home silver, 2015 bronze, and 2016 Beard Envy won gold.

Beard Envy is one of four beers offered in the Brick Mason line, along with Hype Whale (Imperial Stout), 3 Bagger (Belgian triple), and Vanilla Gorilla (Imperial Vanilla Porter).

About Red Brick Brewing Company

Founded in 1993, Red Brick Brewing Company began their brewing odyssey at a small building in downtown Atlanta. Since then, the brewery has established a more than 20-year tradition of producing fresh, interesting, and delicious brews. Red Brick prides itself on crafting a variety of year round and seasonal offerings, including its exclusive Brick Mason series. For more information, visit