Ranch Rider Spirits Launches Limited Jalapeno Ranch Water

AUSTIN, TX. – Ranch Rider Spirits Co, Texas’ number one premium spirit-based seltzer, revealed that its most popular SKU to date will return to shelves for 30-days only, just in time for Labor Day weekend. The Jalapeño Ranch Water is making a comeback with its stupid simple recipe which includes sparkling water, fresh squeezed lime, real jalapeños and authentic reposado tequila sourced directly from Jalisco, Mexico – that’s it. Staying true to its no sugar, no sh*t approach, Ranch Rider carefully curated this limited time only flavor to offer a spicy yet refreshing profile with only 119 calories and 0.4 grams of sugar.

“We launched the original Jalapeño Ranch Water in the summer of 2020 as a limited release with our friends and partners at Seager Co., and people have been asking for its return ever since,” said Quentin Cantu, co-founder of Ranch Rider Spirits, Co. “The Jalapeño Ranch Water has been the most requested SKU on social media for over a year – we knew it was the perfect time for it to make a comeback.”

Canned in Ranch Rider’s Dripping Springs Distillery, the Jalapeño Ranch Water is crafted with a 48-hour small batch cold brew made from real jalapeños to develop its spicy taste. Then, Ranch Rider mixed in its premium reposado tequila, UV & charcoal-filtered water, fresh squeezed lime and carbonated the entire solution to develop this unique flavor.

“Ranch Rider’s success is driven by our devoted community,” claims Brian Murphy, co-founder of Ranch Rider Spirits, Co. “We started in the back of a food truck only a couple years ago and are now fulfilling product requests from our loyal followers on demand. We take pride in opportunities like these and look forward to continuing to deliver authentic and transparent seltzers that truly taste unlike anything else on the market.”

The brand currently offers four additional premium spirit-based seltzers which are also made with real ingredients, are gluten-free and have 5.99% percent ABV:

  • The Buck: A real mule’s mule, this recipe contains six-times distilled vodka, sparkling water, fresh-squeezed lime and real ginger.
  • Ranch Water: A Texas classic, the brand’s fan-favorite product features sparkling water, fresh-squeezed lime and premium reposado tequila from Jalisco, Mexico.
  • Tequila Paloma: A take on Mexico’s most popular cocktail, containing fresh grapefruit and lime, sparkling water and a splash of reposado tequila from Jalisco, Mexico.
  • The Chilton: A west Texas favorite, this recipe features six-times distilled vodka, sparkling water, fresh lemon and a dash of sea salt.

With only 10,000 cases produced, the Jalapeño Ranch Water is a true limited time only seltzer. Now available in more than 30 states via its direct-to-consumer retail channel, Ranch Rider Spirits’ 12-ounce canned premium spirit-based seltzers are also available in bars, restaurants and retailers throughout the country.

About Ranch Rider Spirits Co.

Founded in 2019 and born from a food truck in Austin, TX, Ranch Rider Spirits Co. is a premium spirit-based seltzer brand. Each seltzer is made with premium spirits, sparkling water, fresh-squeezed citrus and not a drop of added sugar. Ranch Rider Spirits offers four flavors – The Buck, Ranch Water, Tequila Paloma and The Chilton.

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