Pabst Brewing Releases Rainier Huckleberry, Apple, and Lemon Seltzer

This Spring, the Rainier Center for Discovery has made yet another transformative discovery for drinkers and nature enthusiasts of the Pacific NorthWest, for only the second time in over 140 years, a new species of mythic Wild Rainiers has been discovered. Their findings confidently suggest that there are now three lively Seltzer breeds of Rainier; Huckleberry, Apple and Lemon, swimming in cold PNW waters and roaming the alpine mountains of Cascadia.

The Center reports that the three new breeds of Wild Rainiers travel together in packs of 12. While slim in size, they weigh 12oz and are able to pounce at 4.6% ABV, though lower in sugar and calories than other comparable species. With only 90 calories, 0g of sugar and 1g of carb, the new Wild Rainiers are a majestic sight to behold, with wonderfully fresh fruitful aromas.

“And to think, we’d almost lost hope of ever finding the Rainier Seltzers. We always knew something big was out there. Now it’s finally here.” – Ron Yaier, Lead Scientist at the Rainier Center for Discovery

Since the first encounter of a Rainier species was made in 1878, there were no substantial discoveries made for over 140 years until the famed Mountain Fresh Gin was identified in September 2020. The Rainier Center for Discovery suggests the new Wild Rainiers have evolved in part due to the demands of a rapidly changing world, the new Rainiers certainly point to a rich and evolving species.

Findings conclude that Huckleberry, Apple and Lemon Wild Rainiers can be spotted in stores concentrated across Washington and Oregon, and are likely to begin appearing in volume in April.