Pabst Blue Ribbon Pledges To Support and Amplify Creativity By Commissioning Work From 1000 Creatives in 2020

Creativity is Pabst Blue Ribbon’s lifeblood, but with bars closed and the arts industry already facing losses over $3.5 billion from the pandemic, Pabst Blue Ribbon’s creative community is reeling. But while we are all stuck at home, creativity has become more important than ever and a source of positivity for millions. Everyday, people are experimenting with new forms of expression – be it cooking, dancing, digital social occasions, art or other hobbies. It’s inspiring.

In 2020 Pabst Blue Ribbon continues its commitment to celebrating creativity, working with 1000 creatives that encompass the diversity of Pabst Blue Ribbon’s community. The brand will invite bartenders, designers, animators, dancers, singers, directors and more to do what they do best, helping get its community back to work and those at home to get involved.

This creative movement has already started. Pabst Blue Ribbon’s weekly bartender program invites bartenders to share a creative recipe ahead of the weekend, enabling viewers to tip their bar person and kick-start at-home happy hours. While Pabst Blue Ribbon’s Workshop Wednesdays takes viewers into the process of visual artists, encouraging everyone to grab a drink, pick up a brush or pencil and have a go.

Pabst Blue Ribbon is supporting and showcasing these artists to shine a spotlight on its unique audience of creators, and show that everyone can get creative. It’s this sentiment that underpins the forthcoming Grabst A Pabst campaign, and the mission statement the brand shared today:

“Creativity brings us together. It also happens to pair well with an ice cold Pabst. So we’re making it our mission to bring even more creativity to the world. Grabst a Pabst, and get inspired!”

The Grabst A Pabst campaign embodies the brand’s historic sense of fun, inclusion and going for it. It’s what led Pabst Blue Ribbon to distil whiskey, dream up hard coffee and serve up seltzer, while showcasing the work of emerging artists on tens of millions of its beer cans every year. Rather than a high-concept studio shoot, Pabst Blue Ribbon decided to put the campaign directly in the hands of its creative community, inviting dancers, chefs, illustrators and animators to take part. It’s the diverse creative experimentation and collaboration that Pabst Blue Ribbon loves, and a chance to champion some of its favorite artists around the country.


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