NÜTRL Canned Vodka Seltzer Launches in the US

Anheuser-Busch is rolling out NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer in the US. You’re probably thinking, “another seltzer?”, but hear us out. NÜTRL is vodka-based and made with just three ingredients: vodka, seltzer and real fruit juice.

NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer is a tasty, sessionable beverage that is unpretentious and uncomplicated. At just 100 calories, NÜTRL is gluten free and includes no added sugar.

NÜTRL Vodka Seltzer comes in a variety 6 pack with Watermelon, Pineapple and Raspberry flavors as well as individual Pineapple and Raspberry 4 packs. The brand is currently available in 11 states and select cities and will continuously increase its distribution footprint.

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