Northwest Software Company Launches Digital Beer Dashboard

PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland, Oregon is known for its innovative tech start-ups and craft beer enthusiasts, so it seems only appropriate that it would be the home of DigitalPour, a software company that would dream up The Digital Beer Dashboard.

The dashboard is a replacement for the traditional bar chalkboard, so customers can now see a full digital menu display of what’s on tap with information about each beer including real time keg levels. The Dashboard allows for management of inventory and generation of analytic reports from virtually any computer as well as provide insights into consumer behavior. It automates many routine tasks that can increase sales and save time. The Dashboard can supply valuable data to brewers as well so they know where, when and how well their beers are selling.

As social marketing increases, DigitalPour has found a modern solution to produce and display a strong on-line social presence for businesses as the first digital menu of its kind to post avatars of customers’ foursquare and Untappd check-ins, Instagram photos and a live Twitter feed. These features not only excite customers but also engage the clientele to share their experiences on social platforms.

The Dashboard has a public application program interface (API) that opens up the ability to leverage its data, providing the means to keeping the establishment’s website up to date and allowing the creation of branded mobile apps. DigitalPour feels that the true power of APIs is realized when they are combined together in what is referred to as a mash-up- for example, combining information from the Dashboard API and a local public transportation API, could allow users to determine if a bus will get them to the bar before their favorite beer runs out.

About DigitalPour

With the craft beer market on the rise, this unparalleled and unrivaled company will bring the beer industry to the next level and beyond. Currently you can find DigitalPour Beer Dashboards in Portland, Las Vegas, San Diego, Atlanta, Denver and Austin.