Modern Times Releasing Barrel-Aged Nitro Monsters’ Park Cans

San Diego, CA — Cans of Nitro Monsters’ Park Aged in Bourbon Barrels with Coffee are now officially a thing. Brace your face for 12 glorious ounces of decadent, coffee-laden, nitrogenated radness.

We’ve been secretly plotting the release of these bad boys for months, and we could not be more psyched to reveal them in all their gold-laced glory. This beer more than lives up to its gorgeous receptacle, with deeply layered, bourbon-laced notes of chocolate, coffee, and roasty goodness that will enchant your taste buds and warm your soul.

These puppies will be in our next online sale in mid-May, along with two (yep, two) more radical cans and some rare & tasty bottles TBA. More info on the sale will arrive right here in the near future. We are extremely excited right now.


This unmitigated juice-bomb is back and better than ever, having benefitted from all we’ve learned in the realm of hazy IPA magic. Brewed with Citra, Amarillo, El Dorado, & Rakau hops before a liberal helping of guava & apricot, this thing is an absolute fruit party, and we couldn’t be more psyched to have it back on tap. You can grab a pint now at both tasting rooms, and it’s hitting select draft beer spots in our distro areas as we speak.

If you need assistance locating taps of this exceptionally tasty beer in your area, feel free to shoot us an email at IN THRILLING BULK-PURCHASE NEWS, elegantly packaged 20-packs of our delicious beers have officially touched down in Arizona, filled with four of our glorious year-round beverages as well as our current seasonal, the Citra-laden hop sorcery that is Booming Rollers. You can find these beauties in Tucson, Phoenix, Gilbert, & Glendale, at a well-known chain of big-box stores which we’re not allowed to name here, but which is renowned for free samples and pizza slices.

If you’re in California and starting to freak out a little right now, you’ll be relieved to know that these stunningly handsome beverage assortments will be hitting CA locations in May.