Lakewood Releases Bourbon Barrel Temptress

Garland, TX – Lakewood Brewing Company is proud to announce the release of this year’s Bourbon Barrel Temptress. This barrel-aged version of their flagship 9.1% imperial milk stout, The Temptress, is one of the most highly anticipated releases in Dallas-Fort Worth. Simply stated, Wim Bens, founder of Lakewood Brewing Company said “Bourbon Barrel Temptress tastes like a little bit of awesome.”

“For approximately four to five months, Temptress is aged in spent Bulleit Bourbon barrels. The Temptress soaks up the natural flavors that come from barrels, imparting some hints of vanilla, a little bit of oak, and the subtle taste of bourbon. It’s rich, and incredibly smooth.”

Bourbon Barrel Temptress will be distributed to bars and restaurants beginning December 9, and soon to follow will be 22 oz. bottles available at retailers who carry LBC. More specifics on bottle distribution dates coming soon so stay tuned.