KITna Non-Alcoholic Craft Brewery Opens in Portland

PORTLAND, ME – KITna Brewing announces itsofficial debut on both the local and national beer scenes. Born from broadexperience, a deep understanding of the brewing process, and a passion forbeer, KITna brings Portland, Maine its first locally-crafted, non-alcoholic craftbrewery.

Founded by Rob Barrett and Will Fisher, KITna represents the intersection of people’s love for beer, the social nature of gathering at a brewery, and the flexibility many crave when choosing their next drink. Barrett, Owner and President of Barrett Made Architecture + Construction inPortland, cut out alcohol two years ago and has never looked back, realizingboth the mental and physical benefits of the NA lifestyle. The world is more than embracing the alcohol-free movement and the likes of Barrett’s story are becoming more common, especially for those who are looking to cut back or simply diversify their alcohol consumption.

Like most, Barrett still enjoys a cold beer but came up short whenseeking NA options that offered the same variety and quality he relied on. He saw an opportunity to fill a void in the growing craft beer market, and knew there are many others who would incorporate a craft NA beer into theirlifestyle; especially if they didn’t have to sacrifice on flavor.

Barrett brought the idea to Fisher, Co-Founder and Head of Operations at Austin Street Brewery, who jumped on board knowing first-hand, that although craft beer is here to stay, high alcohol content is not always a welcome or necessary part of the experience. Barrett and Fisher both set to work on the difficult task of bringing something to the NA beer market that hasn’t been seen in what is often a limited and underwhelming category. They aim to provide a premium, high-quality alternative to alcoholic beer, with the goal to master a product that satisfies the discerning palate of beer drinkers and beyond. The duo brought on local experienced brewers, Adrian Beck-Oliverand Simon Burhoe to join KITna as Co-Head Brewers. The two have been working day in and day out to create the brewery’s core beer lineup while simultaneously launching the production side of the brewery. Headquartered in an oldworkshop-turned-brewery in Barrett’s West Bayside building, KITna will announce the name of its first beer in the coming weeks. All of their offerings will deliver on the founding intent to bring the quality, consistency, and integrity of craft beer without the alcohol.

Barrett and Fisher proudly launch KITna with plans to bring additional non-alcoholic offerings to the line-up in the coming months. Unlike alcoholic breweries with strict limitations on direct-to-consumer distribution, KITna has plans to roll out a robust direct mail distribution system to bring versatility and inclusivity to the beer market on a national scale. KITna will also be available in localstores and restaurants by the end of this year.



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